There’s always no doubt in mind that something epic is about to go down when I have a session scheduled with this family.

Mama and I rescheduled this date several times due to heat waves, wardrobe malfunctions and unexplained swollen eyes (it’s become a running joke with us). But each time we had to postpone – I knew there had to be some reason. Something amazing was waiting for us!

I’ve been hoping to shoot at Prefumo Canyon for awhile now – and it in no way disappointed us. I’m obsessed with the various textures in these photos – the rock formations, the grassy hills, and the cloud covered coastline all make up the perfect scene.

S & C brought along their newest family member Rooster or “Roo” and we all know I have a soft spot for Golden’s. We spent the evening exploring and climbing all while capturing some wonderfully authentic moments between this crew. I look forward to my time with them more and more every year.