I'm a born and raised California girl.

I live in Templeton on a tiny little farm with my husband and two growing girls. I'm an animal lover through and through - and I'm powered by coffee, lazy mornings and peaceful sunsets on the porch with my family.

Without sounding horribly cliche...

I've had the love of photography living inside me my whole life. I used to bed my parents to let me develop my little disposable cameras at the photo shop because I just couldn't wait to see what I had captured. I knew next to nothing about cameras, but I knew seeing a moment frozen in time on a photograph was something that made my heart sing. My hobby turned in to a passion pretty much as soon as my first child was born - I became obsessed with capturing joy and freezing our memories. Capturing the world through the eyes of a child has completely transformed my creative perspective. I'm so lucky that I get to relive childhood again through my own kiddos.


I have a pretty strong obsession with all things black and white. I'm designing our home around this color palette and I have even coordinated the colors of our chickens and sheep around it. I know - I have issues.


Home. I'm a major home body. If I could get away with living in my pjs all day and staring out the window at the countryside I would.


I used to be a fan of the sweeter the better, but now I'm perfectly content with a splash of almond milk and a hint of honey. The more coffee I can taste - the better.

describe your wardrobe style.

I am a casual girl through and through. You'll rarely see me in anything besides jeans and a cozy t-shirt. If I'm feeling super fancy I'll throw on a floppy hat and some booties.